I went and picked up an Android tablet!  While it’s mostly for the ability to read eBooks in bed, I figure there’s also the very real possibility of actually doing some hobby development work on the platform!

So we’ll see, I suppose.  In any event, I’m really loving the device.  🙂

UI/Gameplay Considerations

While I’m here, what kinds of changes would be required in terms of UI in the porting of a concept like Tako to a tablet?  It wouldn’t hurt to think about it now, rather than wait until after the project is otherwise complete.

Requiring the use of a right-click is definitely out, as is the concept of hovering the mouse cursor.  Might do alright having a double-tap system of some sort for things — the first tap being like a hover (when appropriate), and the second being an actual selection…  In Tako gameplay terms, I dont’t think that makes sense at all.  Unit/location names can probably be shown most of the time…?  The tooltippy stuff like unit details, etc, all shows up in the sidebar anyway.

Oh, theres’s an interesting consideration — portrait/landscape.  Tako doesn’t really make sense atm if it’s played portrait, but there’s ultimately no reason I couldn’t come up with a satisfactory design that can rotate.

Anyway, enough babbling for now.  🙂