I’ll likely be able to mostly use the same screen layout as the Codex for the Create Avatar screen.  All I’ll really have to do is remove the buttons on the side, and change the title.

For boh screens, however, I’m thinking that I’ll need a details popup or panel of some sort.  Even something as simple as a modal dialog that pops up when you click one of the Mantles.  For Tako, simple is almost always going to be better anyway.  🙂  The dialog shows the Mantle details, like its associated Affinities, any other Mantle restrictions (the exclusivity of dragon-classes to dragon races, for example), as well as its flavor text.

It occurs to me that this same popup will be usable ingame to show Mantle details there, like if you were to click on the race/class of an Agent, or on an Artifact.  I think it would be beneficial to show the player as much information as possible — with the exception of some rare Mantles that have yet to be encountered ingame at all, I see no reason to hide any information about any Mantles.  By showing the information instead of hiding it, it gives the player something to get excited about and work towards.

Maybe, on that note, it makes sense to show the requirements for unlocking various Mantles within the Codex and ingame, in the Mantle info popup.  As soon as the player encounters a Mantle, they should see how that Mantle is unlocked.

In any event, it’s hot and I don’t have much of a head for development tonight.  Just wanted to get those thoughts down.  🙂