One of the big concessions to complexity I made was to allow aui to respond gracefully to different UI resolutions and scales.  It drives me nuts that a game like Terraria, for example, didn’t have a way to scale up the UI for the relatively large resolution of my monitor.

There is a member variable of the base TakoGame class which has a very interesting effect:

m_uiScale = 2

m_uiScale = 5


In other news, I added in some destroy-ish functionality, since I now transition between different screens.  I figure I might not be trying to be terribly nice to my garbage collector, but at the very least, I can unreference all the references I have when I would normally have deleted something.  Honestly, this is one of the reasons I favour Java for doing prototype/hobby game development.  I don’t worry about this kind of thing.

Next on my list: View Codex!  Lots of compound widgets to deal with, should be interesting.