Build Label: Gimel 7-August-2011 02:14

All that’s left before getting dumped into the actual game is setting up a random name generator.

In the meantime, here’s a big wtf that has gone on today…

Sometimes (and I may have mentioned this in previous posts), the game ceases to render properly.  Everything freezes.  Everything continues to update properly in the background, but nothing renders.  I’ve been fighting with this all day today, trying to optimize my rendering, since I figured I was hitting some threshold of something that was causing things to lock.

…except if I proceeded to render just a little bit more, the problem went away.

Turns out that there’s a problem within nSwapBuffers(), a native method deep within LWJGL.  I don’t know what’s in there that might be stalling when there is a certain amount of data waiting to be flushed, but good lord the hack I’ve had to put in to keep things running smoothly is just gross.  What was happening was that things would be going fine, but then you’d trigger a tooltip, and suddenly everything would stop rendering.  Now, it will still stutter, but it corrects itself after a couple frames (each of which take ~1 second to render at that point).

In any event, it looks like I’ll soon be moving onto some actual gameplay, so things will hopefully end up getting much more interesting very soon!