Build: Gimel 13-August-2011 02:33

Have added in and tweaked a bunch of stuff, much of which is visible ingame.

Mantles and agents now properly have separate sprites, and likewise different mantle types (race/class/artifact) have been split off into their own sprite sheets.  Those little mantle icons you see there can be clicked to pop up the info for that mantle.  The agent portrait can be clicked on to bring up the agent info popup (which itself has those mantle icons, so you can see all the mantles on an agent, and hit ‘back’ to go back).

The party overlay is a single-select dropdown list, so when you click on one name, it collapses any other open frame.  I’ll have to see how this ties in with gameplay, because the player is supposed to be able to click on an artifact to pick it up…

(Oh, and I finally managed to generate an avatar named Renwald, who is an old favourite character of mine.  hehe!)