Build: Gimel 14-August-2011 08:30

Have implemented a relatively basic questline!

Anyone who has ever done quest design will know that even the most basic of quests have many states that, if you want the quest to flow smoothly, each have to be designed specifically.  These are the state present in the relatively simple fetch quest I just put in:

  • First encountered.
  • Quest declined.  (Permanent state — this will be a prominent feature in Tako, where decisions you make are permanent within the context of the campaign you’re in.)
  • Quest just accepted.
  • Quest accepted.  (Differing from the above in the sense that you’ve left and come back.)
  • MacGuffin found.
  • Just interacted with MacGuffin.
  • Interacted with MacGuffin.  (Same thing here, since you can interact and leave.)
  • Quest just completed with one resolution.
  • Quest completed with that resolution.
  • Quest just completed with another resolution.

And that’s a quest that’s literally “Go get me a thing!”

The quest isn’t currently tied to any agents or artifacts or anything like that.  In the final product, the NPC giving the quest would be randomly generated, and have a race, class, etc.

Lemme see, what’s next on the todo list…  Ah yes, skill checks!  What skills do in Tako is open up new options in encounters.  The example I typically use is a “Ambushed by bandits!” example.  The encounter normally has only one option: “Fight!”  If you have a character who has, say, the “Barter” skill, you would see an extra option other than “Fight!” — “Barter for your life!” or something.  Barter is tied to the Charisma attribute, which is used to determine whether the action is successful or not.  Generally speaking, if you have enough of a stat, the skill check is guaranteed to be successful, and if you don’t, the skill check will probably be about 50/50.

Encounters and skills together should already make Tako pretty fun to play, I think, if the random world generation and metagame/collection stuff was in, but there’s a combat element as well, which should make Tako even more fun!