Build: Gimel 14-August-2011 01:24

Definitely a case where the screenshot says a lot.

The player can now click on any visible (or partially visible) tile to travel there.  Thanks in large part to being able to hook into Slick’s A* functionality, pathfinding has proven to be super-straightforward to add, even on a hex map.  Joy!

There are some issues cropping up right now that deal almost entirely with how I’m using raw mouse input in the gameplay window, and yet not using raw mouse input in the menus — instead using proper events and whatnot.  More than anything, these are just bugs, and I’m going to try my best to keep from dwelling on them, because next up on the list of things to do for Tako are events, and that should be a whole lot of fun/pain!

That said, I may take some time tomorrow to do more world tiles, so that I can push the limits of the vision/movement stuff that’s in place right now.  Even on the mostly-blank map in place now, I’m already finding it surprisingly fun to just travel around and explore.