No build posted this evening, because there’s not really a nice way to see the results of the hours of work I’ve put in tonight.  Encounters can now define skill-based options, but I don’t have any encounters or skills yet to show that off.  The other thing I worked on tonight was inventory.

What a nightmare!

The way I had originally planned inventory was something very traditional and WoW-like, where you’d click an artifact to pick it up, and then drop it wherever it was that you wanted it equipped.  Since I have the left mouse button bound to the mantle info popup, and I really like that, I decided to do something a bit different.  So now when you have the mantle info popup open, it will have an “Equip” or “Unequip” button as is appropriate.  Clicking ‘unequip’ will result in a screen like the above, where the artifact has dropped off the agent into a common inventory.  Clicking ‘equip’ will result in a popup that I haven’t yet made that will bring up a list of your party members so that you can click one, which will bring up the agent info popup, which will then allow you to click ‘select’.

This whole thing feels really gross right now.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’m overly tired tonight, or because it’s raining outside now, or I’m unhappy with the inventory management, or if I’m just ultimately burning myself out, but this whole thing just feels really gross.

So I’m done for the night!  Hopefully in the morning I’ll get that equip-artifact flow put in, and it won’t be as bad as I think it will be.  Well, if it does end up being too bad, I can worry about it later.  For that matter, I should really add “organize user testing” to my task list.

Oh, and another lesson learned from tonight: working without a mock done first sucks.