Build: Gimel 21-September-2011 08:59

After a bit of discussion, I’ve decided to handle agents in pretty much the same way as artifacts.  You essentially have an ‘inventory’ of agents that you can draw from to fill up your party.  If the party is full (currently four members), you have to remove a member first.  I also spent some time reorganizing the party frame to show the agent’s icon, but I’m not sure I like it.  Well, I do like the icon being there, but now when you open the member details panel, it’s REALLY big.  I’m considering taking the details panel out, and instead using the agent info popup for agent interactions.  That’s something I’ll tackle later during revisions, though.

Next up: leveling!  Once I get the leveling system in place, it’ll be time to move onto combat encounters.  I’m stoked!