Build: Gimel 23-September-2011 12:15

Took a little bit of time tonight to toss in some utility methods for getting agent gender (the current plan is to have the gender tied to race, so you’d have both male and female races when appropriate), and to fix up the “Travel” button ingame.  It was a bit flaky before, and it feels a lot more solid now.

Aside from that, as shown in the screenshot above, I am beginning to work on the leveling system!  Here’s how leveling is going to roughly work…  After each encounter, all agents in your party (not in the squad) will receive X amount of experience, based roughly on the difficulty of the encounter.  Once an agent gets a total of, say, N experience, they gain an “Upgrade Point”.  The player can then spend that point to upgrade any one of that agent’s mantles (race, class or artifact) if that mantle has any upgrades available in its “upgrade path”.  Looking at the screenshot there, you can see that the Warrior class can upgrade into Warrior II, then Warrior III, and then finally into one of two completely different classes which haven’t yet been unlocked.  These would become visible once the agent reached Warrior III.

Each additional upgrade point for a specific agent will cost more than the last.  I expect that by doing this, and by having new agents ‘collected’ over the course of a campaign, it should hopefully space out gaining these upgrade points pretty evenly without being totally even.  It does create some interesting gameplay twists — like being able to level up an artifact quickly with a newly-acquired agent to then return to your avatar for whatever reason.