Build: Gimel 25-September-2011 11:47

I revamped the Codex window, and all the other list-of-mantle windows while I was at it.  I needed to do so because I wanted the following for leveling up:

Not only did I manage to get that done, but I also (perhaps inadvertently) introduced the basic metagame.  It’s currently possible to spam the skill check in first visible encounter to award a whole bunch of experience and cap out your agents, and this will actually result in the Codex opening up too.  Now, there aren’t any flashing lights or effects or anything to tell you that you’ve unlocked new mantles, but the functionality works!

So, the last remaining tasks for Tako-Gimel are:

  • Validate Daleth task breakdown.  I first did the task breakdown for the next milestone (combat encounters) at the beginning of this milestone.  I think I might have to stop doing these breakdowns a milestone ahead, judging by the amount of learning and revamping I’ve been doing while working.  This means that the next task…
  • He task breakdown… is no longer needed for this milestone.  That’s “He” the Phoenician letter (according to wikipedia) rather than the pronoun.
  • And a few miscellaneous development tasks that are either feature-creepy or things I don’t really need.
    • Tilesheet improvements.
    • Seasons.
    • Trading.  (This is something that I don’t really need a ‘system’ for, since I can just whip up something specific to any given encounter.)
    • Agent AI.  (This will almost certainly end up becoming its own milestone later on — giving agents personalities and having them react to the things the player does.  Or, it’ll just end up getting cut!  Dunno!)

…and then it’s on to combat encounters!  Whole new feature, should be interesting.