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Still having a bit of an issue with the scroll bar thumb slider not being initially anchored to the mouse correctly, but I made the call to say “it’s a bug!” and move on.  What I moved onto was the first real screen of Tako, the Main Menu!

Let’s compare it to the original mock:

Hmm.  Well, this is a good exercise, isn’t it?  The colors are wrong, and the text alignment on the buttons isn’t correct.  I reckon the left-aligned text on the buttons is better, but I’m not sure!


I confess myself distracted over the past little while by a few things like Minecraft and World of Warcraft.  🙂  If/when I get my nuclear power plant and mining operation set up in Minecraft, maybe I’ll do a video tour of it.


First draft of the Mantle Information popup I was talking about in my last post.

This popup could conceivably be used for Agent displays as well.  I imagine having the Agent’s icon shown in the upper-left, with smaller icons to the right for their Mantles (race, class, artifact).  Oh, and I forgot to put in a close/back button, so imagine like there’s one there!